Department of Homeland Security

Accessibility Compliance Management System (ACMS) Software Application

The Accessibility Compliance Management System (ACMS) is a fully accessible web based software application designed to track Section 508 Program Office activities and compliance for all Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Components. The system was custom built for the DHS Office of Accessible Systems & Technology (OAST), which provides governance and oversight for DHS accessibility programs.

DHS Trusted Tester Training

New Editions supports the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Accessible Systems & Technology’s (OAST) Trusted Tester Certification program. The program increases the capability and capacity of the DHS workforce and other federal agencies to support the Federal government’s mission to comply with Section 508. Under the contract, our Senior Section 508 Trusted Testers deliver rigorous, instructor-led courses on a formalized website and applications testing methodology, known as DHS Section 508 Compliance Test Process for Applications, to section 508 testers.

Promotional Calendar

The OAST Calendar was developed for the DHS Office of Accessible Systems and Technology as part of its comprehensive marketing plan. The calendar which featured significant dates in history related to disability legislation or major events was used at disability related events to promote the OAST message and services.

Strategic Plan

The OAST Strategic plan was developed by New Editions in conjunction with OAST’s senior leadership to convey the strategic direction of the newly formed office to its customers and stakeholders. This five year plan describes the alignment of OAST priorities and activities with its mission, vision, goals, and strategies.

Employee Brochure

The OAST Brochure was created as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign to provide information to DHS employees on the newly formed DHS Office of Accessible Systems and Technology. The brochure provides information on OAST’s mission as well as a general overview of the office and its programs.

Section 508 Support for the US Coast Guard

New Editions provides Section 508 support to the US Coast Guard web team (CG633) to assess sites for Section 508 compliance. Information Communication Technology (ICT) products are vital to Coast Guard operations’ and the Coast Guard is dependent on the Internet to communicate and distribute critical information. We assess the Coast Guard's public facing websites for accessibility and assist with remediation of sites that are not compliant. We also assess documents for accessibility and provide remediation assistance for non-accessible documents.