What We Do

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Technical Assistance and Training

New Editions offers full-service technical assistance (TA) and training to enhance programs in line with customer objectives. We employ a systematic approach, based on proven models, to supply the most effective TA strategies. Our expertise includes:

  • Building state-of-the-art TA infrastructure
  • Implementing best practices for call center and online operations, including quality control systems
  • Conducting assessments to identify common information needs and developing resource information to address them
  • Employing current  knowledge translation and dissemination methods to ensure the target audience receives and uses the information

We blend well-established learning and instructional design principles and the latest technologies to develop training that will advance participant knowledge and skills. Our expertise includes:

  • Developing and leading classroom training activities
  • Creating train-the-trainer curricula and programs
  • Designing interactive and accessible online trainings

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