The Rehabilitation Services Administration's (RSA) National Clearinghouse for Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM) provides a library that makes it easier for the vocational rehabilitation and education communities, grantees, researchers, trainers and practitioners to disseminate, find and use valuable training materials, quickly and efficiently.

The NCRTM flyer provides basic information on how to upload information to the library.

This version of the Choose Work flyer includes less color to make it easier for organizations with a limited printing budget to utilize.

This is a customizable flyer for local Work Incentives Seminar Event (WISE) Events. The flyer was shared with community partners and other local organizations to help spread the word about upcoming events.

This invitation provides an overview of a Smart Solutions networking event. The purpose of the events is to bring employers and vocational rehabilitation (VR) services professionals together to learn ways to work more effectively to create positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

The National Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center (NTAC), operated by New Editions, coordinated the RSA Technical Assistance (TA) Network. The flyer was distributed at professional and consumer conferences to promote use of TA Network resources.