New Editions Consulting Inc., USBLN and AAPD Wrap Up Second Annual Disability Equality Index (DEI)

Falls Church, VA.  May 5, 2016 – New Editions and its partners, the USBLN® and AAPD, wrapped up the Second Annual Disability Equality Index (DEI). The deadline for companies to complete the survey was March 11, 2016. There was nearly a 15% increase in participating companies over last year, surpassing the goal of achieving a 10% increase. Company responses will now be reviewed and scores will be calculated and published in late spring. New Editions’ Nick Truesdell developed the original DEI system and worked on the myriad enhancements for this year. Tyler Matney provided project management support, and several other employees, including My Linh BuiTracy Turner, and Yvonne Shimokado, helped test the system. The project has been very successful and has helped to elevate New Editions’ reputation with many public and government contracting companies. Visit the DEI.