Research & Evaluation, Data Analysis

  Researcher using various devices such as a mobile phone and laptop for data analysis.

Applying our knowledge and experience with many Federal agencies, New Editions offers advanced program data collection, research and evaluation support for programmatic planning, as well as analysis in both domestic and international contexts. We offer clients talent and expertise to evaluate impact; identify policy and programmatic needs; address policy and program requirements; improve operations in order to meet program goals; and research key topics to identify and develop knowledge.

Expertise in this Area

Survey design and implementation

We design sound surveys and implement them the correct way to ensure that clients get the information they need for making critical government decisions.

Qualitative data collection

Collecting qualitative data is an art form. Our research specialists adopt the best methods and approaches in order to obtain the intricate information necessary to support the client’s mission and goals.

Focus groups

From small to large focus groups across a breadth of topic areas, we have the capability and the capacity to get information or test concepts and ideas with a myriad of target audiences.

Administrative data collection

Administrative data is an information source we utilize regularly to track individuals, actions and records over time.

Literature reviews and environmental scans

We explore peer- and non-peer-reviewed sources as well as “gray literature” to develop comprehensive bodies of knowledge pertinent to research topics.

Quantitative and qualitative studies and assessments

Measurement and context are both critical to understanding an issue and planning further action. We utilize both to obtain needed data and offer our clients valuable information on topics of interest.

Secondary data analysis

We use advanced statistical techniques to derive meaning from large datasets.

Policy and program analysis

Both qualitative and quantitative techniques are called for when analysis of both existing and prospective policies are necessary. We utilize both, taking a mixed methodology approach to conduct comprehensive, multifaceted evaluations of systems, policies and programs.

Performance measurement system design, data monitoring and analysis

We are skillful in planning, defining and analyzing performance measurement systems across a variety of areas, including programs, projects and research efforts.

Formative and summative program evaluation

Measurement and understanding of what is occurring and what has occurred are essential to identifying programmatic value. For this reason, we utilize formative and summative evaluation techniques to identify deficiencies and value added in real time, as well as at the conclusion of our clients’ programs and initiatives.

Standardized and ad hoc reporting on program activities and statistics

We routinely develop and conduct assessments and analyses for both interval-based and on-request research and evaluation inquiries.