Management of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) for the Department of Transportation (DOT)

New Editions assisted in the development and operation of the Department of Transportation's (DOT's) Disability Resource Center (DRC). DRC ensures that DOT employees, regardless of location, can fully participate in all aspects of the Department’s work, programs and services. Our team, located on site at DOT, developed the systems and procedures for operation, establishing three workstations to demonstrate adaptive equipment. We also provided job needs assessments for accommodations and recommended technology acquisitions for employees.

The first staff member, a recent college graduate hired through the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP), provided the administrative support for the program. In addition, a person with accommodations experience assisted by helping DRC meet their goals. Their responsibilities included:

  • Providing information and resources for obtaining workplace accommodations;
  • Advising the Department on maintaining, improving, or increasing facilities and program accessibility;
  • Promoting the inclusion of the disability perspective in departmental programs and initiatives; and
  • Increasing awareness of disability issues among all Department employees through education and training.

Our capabilities allowed DOT to meet the challenges of operating a new accommodations and disability services program.