Representation of a communications network

New Editions Consulting creates messages that make a difference. Our communication plans generate action—performance improved, programs enhanced, organizations motivated, practices changed, awareness increased, opinions altered, behaviors changed, research utilized, policies created and services improved. When appropriate, we provide technical assistance to end users to accelerate action. We design and implement a comprehensive evaluation that includes indicators of change and provisions for soliciting feedback from end users about the information and products they received.

Whether the goal is to increase the numbers of children with disabilities attending school in developing countries, to house and facilitate the sharing of training and educational materials for the vocational rehabilitation community, or to write and disseminate a strategic plan for an interagency committee, we develop a comprehensive, audience-driven communication plans.

We create vibrant, targeted and meaningful communication strategies to take programs to a new level of brand awareness and position the program for increased utilization and success. With our strategic marketing and networking approach, our projects and products win awards for excellence.

Expertise in this Area

Marketing & Communications Research

We help clients define the goals of their marketing and communications plans and collect essential information and data on their target markets to make them effective.

Audience Identification & Targeting

We find out who clients want to target, what motivates their target audiences and how to get them interested in what clients have to tell them or what they have to offer them.

Branding & Messaging

We help to identify the brand, or personality, of a client and ensure that it is conveyed in all of their messaging to both strengthen and dispel misconceptions about it.

Integrated Communication Planning

We establish integrated communication plans over several modes of communication to do the essential job of communicating what clients want to tell audiences through the channels and sources they trust.

Material & Multimedia Development

From white papers to congressional reports, to online banners and banner displays, to podcasts and videos, we develop quality collateral materials that are vibrant and within budget.

Education & Training

We build highly compelling educational curricula and training programs and train audiences in both online and offline settings.

Information Dissemination

We find the most effective channels and disseminate information about a client’s mission, policies, programs and activities.

Evaluation & Market Analysis

We assist clients with researching and understanding markets and key success factors and trends within them. We also assist clients in understanding their positions within their markets and providing recommendations for elevating them.