Department of Veterans Affairs

Through a subcontract with Vets, Inc., New Editions provided technical support to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Section 508 Program Office. We tested proposed electronic and information technology (EIT) products for Section 508 conformance within VA's Enterprise Architecture Framework. We also tested IT Tracker products, OMB Exhibit 300's project/programs, E-Government (E-Gov) initiative programs, web-based and software applications, and learning management systems (LMS) courseware for Section 508 compliance.

Through a subcontract with Inverness Technologies, New Editions conducted a study of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Independent Living Program. This program is designed to help eligible veterans live as independently as possible, participate in family and community life, and increase their potential to return to work. The purpose of this study was to collect valuable program information on outcomes to inform strategic planning, as well as to identify resource allocation needs and additional training needs.

New Editions tasks included:

Under a subcontract with Inverness Technologies, New Editions provided research support to assess the value of remote counseling services for veterans with service-connected disabilities to help them obtain, maintain, or retain employment, or live independently. New Editions reviewed the existing body of literature on the types of remote counseling techniques currently used in the private and public sectors, and completed a cost-benefit analysis of remote counseling in rural areas.

The purpose of the Sports to Work Research and Development Study was to conduct a thorough analysis of the role sports activities can play in vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs. New Editions, through a subcontract with Inverness Technologies, reviewed the existing body of literature as well as current state-of-the-art sports and recreational programs.