Opioids Pilot Project

Abstract depiction of a support network helping someone recovering from a substance use disorder

New Editions serves as a subcontractor for the Adult Protective Services (APS) Opioids Pilot Project to WRMA, Inc. The purpose of the two-year (2023-2025) project is to design, pilot, and evaluate a model that state APS systems can implement to more effectively and efficiently serve APS clients impacted by opioid use and substance use disorders (SUDs). As part of the pilot, the project team is providing universal and targeted technical assistance (TA) to participating APS program to guide them in building the foundation and processes for effectively implementing and sustaining the model. Each pilot site will implement changes to APS practice and services to improve outcomes for APS clients impacted by opioid use and SUDs through direct home and community-based social, health, and mental/behavioral health services. Ultimately, lessons learned from the pilot will help build the evidence base for sustainable, replicable approaches to adapting APS system capabilities to support clients impacted by opioid use and SUDs. To inform the design of the pilot, the project team conducted several foundational activities, including a systematic literature review of evidence-based and evidence-informed practices for SUD prevention and treatment, a review of grant applications and reports from existing APS opioid grantee efforts, and interviews with APS leadership and APS program staff to learn about APS system needs related to opioids and other SUD-related cases and current or recent activities that address the needs of APS clients impacted by opioid use and other SUDs.