Project Management & Program Management

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From planning and analysis to implementation and practical solutions, New Editions offers advanced project management and program management expertise. We offer clients talent with the proficiency necessary to assess needs; address project, policy and program requirements; improve operations; and meet project and program goals.

Our project managers are skilled in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) standards, and proficient at applying them as well as other industry or client-specific techniques to develop solid management solutions that are both flexible and constructive. Our program support experts are also adept at providing knowledge, insight and skills to assist clients in establishing, analyzing and advancing their programs.

Expertise in this Area

Planning & Analysis

We methodically define project goals and objectives, ascertain constraints and assumptions, and build work breakdown structures that are accurate and precise. We build our program support on a foundation of data analysis, such as stakeholder feedback, literature reviews, environmental scans, policy analyses, etc. We offer our clients valuable information to plan, analyze and modify programs based on the findings of this analysis.


We capably carry out project and program tasks to complete all primary and subtasks. Clients are kept engaged and informed of all activities and issues. Issues are discussed, prioritized and thoroughly addressed. We develop and implement customized quality assurance plans that provide the measures and mechanisms for ensuring quality as a key element of all program and project management activities.


Measurement and understanding of what is occurring and what has occurred during program or project implementation is essential. For this reason, we utilize a variety of evaluation techniques to identify approaches that worked well as well as those that were deficient, and incorporate the necessary changes to promote a program's or project's success.

Continuous Improvement

Integral to our program/project management approach is our ability not just to evaluate programs, but also to use the results of the evaluation to identify opportunities to improve program operations and outcomes.